I am re-posting this recipe for this Eid, and also to participate in the Eid Eats 2014 hosted by dear fellow bloggers Flour & Spice and Chocolate & Chillies.

final eid eats

This is my most favourite dessert! I wish there was a healthy version of it that I could eat everyday. But since there isn’t till now, I make it only on Eid, and I can never get enough of it! The name comes from persian which literally means “The Sweet Lips” and it sure makes your lips sweet! I can eat loads of it and not feel guilty because I keep my mind on the fruits and nuts in it, not on the sugars =D

Some people use canned fruit cocktail for a quick version of this recipe, but in my opinion it’s still not quick because it needs chilling time, and I love the flavours, aroma and texture of fresh fruits. I also don’t believe in short-cutting of recipes to save time and sacrifice flavours and health, I’d rather spend some more time in the kitchen and make a healthier, tastier dish than save time. So here is my most treasured dessert and recipe, shared with you all!





Yum yum! I want to dig into it right now, don’t you?

Oil/ Ghee: 3 tablespoons
Coloured seviyan (vermicelli): 1 cup {Note: Vermicelli is not the kind used for decorations on cake etc, it’s the kind which is similar to spaghetti but very fine. You can use regular vermicelli if you can’t find colored. Looks like this:
colored: rainbow vermiccli
Milk: 4 cups
Sugar: 5 tablespoons (or to taste)
Vanilla Custard powder: 4 tablespoons (dissolve in a little cold milk)
Cream: 200 ml
Condensed milk: 1 tin (397 grams)
Bananas (finely sliced): 1 cup
Grapes (halved): 1 cup
Apples ( finely chopped): 1 cup
{or pineapple, strawberry, mango etc. any soft fruit you like, total fruit should be approx 3 cups. I like to use as much fruits as I can}
Pistachio and almonds, silvered (or any nuts): 1/4 cup (or as desired)
Jelly: 1 packet (If you want to use more than one color then adjust quantity accordingly)
Rosewater: 1-2 tablespoon

Fry vermicelli in oil, for a few seconds, don’t let it turn golden. Add milk and boil until vermicelli turns soft then add sugar and custard powder (dissolved in cold milk) and whisk till it becomes thick. Remove from heat and keep stirring occasionally until it is cooled to room temperature, whisk in cream and condensed milk. Add in the prepared fruits and nuts (save some for garnish of desired) and refrigerate until chilled.
Prepare jelly according to directions on package and chill until set. Cut in small cubes and refrigerate until serving time.
When chilled well, stir in rosewater and mix in a few jelly pieces. Garnish with nuts, jelly shapes, extra fruits and serve immediately.

P.S.If it feels too sweet, add a little chilled milk to lessen the sweetness, taking care not to thin it down.


Young People Wanting To Be In Love

Z. Saeed:

Every girl needs this advice

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This is the same advice I gave to my younger sister who is no longer “young” and my younger cousins:

If you are 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, there is no need for you to be in a relationship. All that will do to you is break your heart over and over and over again, only for you to grow bitter in age, become insecure and hurt yourself in the process. At the same time, you expect these men after them to fix what has been broken and that is your mind and especially our heart. Not a single individual in this world can fix that for you except Allah and yourself. At such a young age, there is only a need to work on yourself and nobody else. You have so much potential at that age that can be ruined because of a man whose only need at that…

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The Ever-lasting Delight

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ لَذَّةَ النَّظَرِ إِلَى وَجْهِكَ وَالشَّوْقَ إِلَى لِقَائِكَ
“O Allāh, I ask You for the delight of gazing at Your Face and the eagerness of meeting You.”


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Everything will perish copy2


Powerful Memories of the Shanāqitah tribe of Mauritania [Mashaa'Allah]

Z. Saeed:

May Allah SWT grant us the company of those who are strong adherents of the Sunnah and give us the opportunity to learn from them. Aameen!

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A discussion regarding the powerful ability to memorise of the Shanāqitah tribe of Mauritania, with Sh. Muhammad Hassan ad-Dido ash-Shinqeeti.

Ustadh used to speak highly of Mauritanians and their phenomenal memories not just of men but of women too , who had memorized dictionaries such as Al-Qamoos in their old age! I’m surprised at women making such an effort because usually one would not expect a woman to find it beneficial or even worth the time to do that. Ustadh also used to mention how the air of Mauritania is so pure and if there’s one place on the earth where people are closest to the Sunnah in terms of their simple minimalistic lifestyle, that would be Mauritania. The Shaykhs there teach in tents and you have to go through a lot of struggle to be able to learn. The kind of people who study there and come out as…

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Instant Likeness…???

Have you ever met one of those charming people to whom you develop instant liking? Who, within minutes, seem to draw out all the love your heart is capable of for themselves? Qudsia Sajjad, instructor from Oxford University Press, Lahore, was one such person whom I met today. She was the kind of remarkably charismatic person whom you can’t help but like the instant you meet her!

From the moment she parted her lips to greet us, from her simple attire, her polite, gentle, yet clear and concise conversation, her healthy, perfectly trimmed physique, her easily flowing body movements, to her genuinely sincere and down-to-earth nature – everything inspired me very deeply. Not to mention she was an extremely astute professional, and conducted the entire workshop in a seasoned manner.

Her honest and open style of communication, in the gentlest and politest manner possible made a very lasting impression on all of our staff. I too, was deeply impressed by her openness. She spoke a lot on a variety of topics, but never wandered far from the topic either. Her blending of English and Urdu was apt, not appearing snobbish by conversing too much in English, and not showing lack of confidence or knowledge by using more than necessary Urdu.

Her attire too, was the most appropriate; simple, yet subtly stylish, Not going overboard, and not looking outdated either. The simple cotton dress fit her perfectly, without being too tight or loose. Her shoes, plain and comfortable. She wore no excessive jewellery or makeup.

I do not observe, the dresses and physique of people very often, but today I observed as she reminded me greatly of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.); because his personality was the most balanced of all humanity, and it struck me how everything was so balanced about her. She wasn’t very slim, but wasn’t fat either; she wasn’t impolite yet she wasn’t too sweet; trendy but not over the top; well-dressed but not unreasonable; honest yet not brutally straightforward; polite and courteous yet not hypocritical…and the list can go on and on. Yet I cannot explain in words what I feel about her.

I wish I had taken a picture of her with me, for I’m sure the passing years will fade the precious image of today’s memory from my mind some day. And for this reason I’m trying to preserve the memory of the gem of a person I met today for a few hours, who left a lasting impression on me. I hope, some day, I can be as inspiring a teacher as her, Insha’Allah!


One year of blogging and 50+ Followers

Thank you to all my followers for reading and following my blog =)


When I started blogging, I used to wonder if I will reach the One year mark, or quit blogging before that, or just abandon the blog and get bored with it…but nothing as such happened. Here I am with my one year finished, and despite being extremely busy at times, I have still kept up with blogging and I really enjoy it. In fact, I want to write more, but usually I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend blogging. In more than 365 days I have only written less than a hundred posts (still around 80). I should really get about writing a bit more posts. One every Sunday, if not more.

The credit of being able to complete one year with as much posts I have done and not abandoning blogging in between goes to my followers and blogger friends who kept encouraging me with their feedback and likes, and also inquired from me when I got snowed under work and disappeared from the blogging sphere. I feel so happy to have this circle of blog-mates, and so special to be connected to people from different parts of the world whom I barely know otherwise, but we’re connected through one passion, one hobby. It’s a different kind of social circle, different kind of friendship, a different and special kind of connection, and I must say I am honoured to have you all with me =) I hope you enjoy my blog-company as much as I do.