The Oatmeal Challenge: Day Three {Citrus Oatmeal with Almonds}

Who would have thought of putting oranges in oatmeal? The Oatmeal Artist of course! I was inspired to try oranges in oatmeal after seeing her recipe for Dark Chocolate & Orange Oatmeal; however I adapted the recipe since I had run out of cocoa powder. I plan on trying out this mouth-watering recipe too as soon as I get my stock of cocoa powder!

I was doubtful of adding oranges at first, since I thought the milk might curdle due to the acidic orange juice; more so because the original recipe uses non-dairy milk, however it was fine. The orange throws in a refreshing citrus burst and you very well may get addicted!

I decided to add zest, since I love it in everything else, but immediately regretted it. I could judge by the smell it was going to turn bitter, and unfortunately it did. Maybe blanching the peel before adding would work. I also noticed that the orange segments on top were tangier than the ones mixed in. Next time I would mix more of them inside and reserve less for the topping. Any citrus fruits would work well for this recipe.


Milk 1 cup
Oats 4 tbsp
Orange 1 large
Orange zest (optional)
Cinnamon powder ½ tsp
Honey 1-2 tbsp
Almonds (chopped) ½ tbsp.

Heat milk with cinnamon powder; add oats when milk starts boiling. Let simmer. Meanwhile, segment the orange. Grate some zest if you would like. When the oats are cooked turn of the heat and add half of the orange segments, (orange zest if using) and honey to taste. Stir well and pour into serving dish. Spread out rest of the orange segments and sprinkle chopped almonds. Serve warm or cold.



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