My Birthday!

I don’t really celebrate my birthdays ever since I aged 13 years; but since I love baking, and I need an excuse to bake a cake, birthday is one of those excuses for me! And my siblings give me a gift, my close friends call and wish me and that’s it. Birthday is a really personal event for me, but this time a few other people knew about my birthday too. The first to wish me were my best friends and my siblings as usual, and then…Google! =D I was quite surprised to see this when I opened Google to search something.


The mother of my students and my neighbor gave me a pretty dress. My friend in the neighborhood who also has a same name as me gave me a cake serving tray, which I wanted to buy since a long time, Alhamdulillah I got it now =)

And I was so busy that I didn’t get time to bake a cake this year =( and my birthday cake is still pending. But I bought this yummy Chocolate Fudge Cake for my guests.

Photo1555 Photo1568

And I got about 25 wishes on Facebook, my wall was full of birthday greetings. Also I get a birthday email each year from a plenty of websites that I’m subscribed to.


My mother and father were out of country, and so we Skype-d with them. In short, I felt special and loved, not because I got gifts and greetings, but because so many people love me, my parents, my family, my friends! Family and friends are the best companions indeed. There is no place or time to grieve for anyone else, and why should I be sad for the loss of one person’s love when I have the love of so many people Alhamdulillah.
My birthday is also special not because of me, but because of my mother; it is not special because I was born, it is special because my mother gave birth to me, how much she loves me and how much she has sacrificed and suffered for me throughout the 25 years of my life.

Rabbir hamhuma kama rabba yani saghira
“O Allah! Have mercy on my parents as they showed mercy to me when I was young.”


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