Mango Cream Brownie Bites

This recipe is a modified version of Coffee Cream Brownie Bites by Chocolate Covered Katie.

Since Eid is an occasion of sweets and desserts, I thought why should the diabetic and others trying to quit on sugar (which almost makes about the half of my family members) miss out on the sweets! So I made these, and Date balls for sugar-free dessert on Eid.

mango cream brownie bites

Initially I began the recipe without modifications, but my cashew nuts for the coffee cream turned out rancid. At the last minute I had no time to get more, so I pureed some mangoes and replaced with a mango cream instead. Alas! An experience that did not go very well. The brownie cups were made exactly as the original recipe, and were delicious. The mango puree did not go well with them as it was too sweet, and in comparison made the brownies taste bitter. And yet some of the guests liked it! I would like to give the brownie bites another go with a better complementing filling. Or maybe just on their own, cut out into pieces instead of cups.

Oh, and since I was not at my own place, I did not have muffin cups to make the brownie bites. I just molded them with my hands!


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