Teaching Experiences and my new busy routine!

It’s been so long since I visited my comfy blog nook, or wrote about anything! The reason is my new teaching job at a school which is now keeping me so very busy, and with a friend’s wedding coming up I’m so occupied that I don’t have time to scratch my head =P

A dear brother’s comment brought me back to the world (the blogging world), and I realized that my friends (and brothers and sisters) on my blog do miss my presence. Thank you and JazakAllah khyr for the love and concern all <3

I’m trying my level best to get back to blogging and find a time for it even in the busiest of my routine! I am also thinking of making a new section where I shall share my teaching experiences. I have so many things on mind that I want to do but I can’t find the time to do them. My time management skills are seriously lacking! Any advice, tips, help on that anyone?

Hoping to see you soon with a lot of great new recipes, designs and experiences on here! =)


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