Instant Dessert: Layered Trifle

This is not one of the healthy desserts, but its best for emergency situations, like those “without-call-dropping-by-guests”. Or maybe a quick fix for a sugar craving. The best thing about this recipe is that its adaptable to your liking and availability of things and time.


Prepare one cup of any flavour thicker than the desired consistency. Put in an ice-cube and keep whisking until the cube melts away. Keep aside and prepare one packet jelly with only one cup water (half the water mentioned on the package). Chop up any fruits on hand. You may add anything else like cake, chocolate chips, cookies, wafers etc. Pour the custard in the base of the serving dish, spoon the chopped fruits on top. Add approximately one cup of ice to the jelly and keep whisking very quickly until the jelly turns thick and wobbly. Spoon on top of the fruits. Garnish with some whipped cream or leftover custard, chopped nuts, or crushed biscuits. Place in the freezer for just 5 or 10 minutes to chill completely.

P.S. This is best served in individual glass servings.


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