No bake, no cheese-cheesecake!

Isn’t that amazing? A cheesecake with no cheese, and no need to bake and worry yourself with cracked, soggy, jiggly, broken cheesecakes!

Not to say this can replace a real cheesecake, but sometimes we can do better with a cheat. This recipe is a hit in summers! It’s no fail, turns out perfectly each time, is very-very versatile, requires no baking in the scorching heat, is super quick to make and put together and well, everyone loves it! To date, I have not had anyone who turns down this dessert. I’ve done quite a few variations of this recipe and I’ll share all the pictures. If it EVER does not set (happened with me only once that too because I messed up the recipe trying to experiment), then it can be frozen and made into an ice-cream pie, or whatever you’d like to call it =D

Orange Cheese Cake ↑This was made with jelly prepared with only water and grated orange zest mixed in the jelly.

Image1728 ↑Here, I added zest to the base mixture too, and doubled the crust recipe to get a thicker crust and some on sides too. Jelly made with juice and water.

Orange Cheesecake for Amna

↑Jelly made with juice and water, garnished with whipped cream and orange zest.

The variations to this recipe are endless, you may use different fruit flavours, different cookies for the crust, different toppings instead of jelly, and so on. I’ll post some of the variations I have done, and leave the rest to your imagination. Do let me know what variations of the recipe you make! =)

Strawberry Cheese Cake

↑Strawberry: Used strawberry puree instead of orange squash, and strawberry jelly.


↑Strawberry with fruit topping: Sliced strawberries placed on the base before setting it, home-made strawberry sauce drizzled on top. Added a drop of pink food coloring to the base to give it a brighter color.

Photo0286 Photo0288 Photo0290

↑Strawberry Chocolate: Halved strawberries placed in the edge of the pan before pouring in the base mix, and chocolate ganache swirled on top. {I wish I’d made a Oreo crust for this one}.

Image0570 Image0573

↑Mango: Replaced squash with mango puree plus added mango chunks to the base, added gelatine to some mango puree for the topping and topped with mango chunks and mango rose. {P.S. Coat mangoes with clear glaze or they can turn black}

DSC_0142 DSC_0146

Once again a total hit Mango Cheesecake, I had to ask my Uncle to wait before getting the last slice to take a picture of my cute little mango rose. Recipe same as the previous one I ony added a few tablespoons of Mango Tang Drink powder for a more intense Mango Flavour, which was a good addition.

Image1972 Image1976

↑Lemon: Just replaced squash with a few tablespoons of lemon juice, taste as you go. For topping I made some kind of lemon curd (can’t really remember what I made at that time) and swirled in before setting the base. Don’t you just want to grab that spoon?

Marie biscuits/ graham crackers (crushed): 1,1/2 cups
Butter (softened): 175 grams
Orange squash: 1 cup (or boil 1 cup orange juice with 1/4 cup sugar till one cup remains OR use mango puree/strawberry puree or any other soft fruit puree)
Gelatine: 3 tsp/ 1 sachet
Lemon juice: 1 tsp
Thick cream: 1 packet
Milk powder: 1/2 cup
Water (icy cold): 1/2 cup
Orange** jelly: 1 packet
Orange** juice: 1/2 cup (or quarter the quantity of water mentioned on jelly package)
Whipped cream: for garnish *optional

**use the same flavor as the fruit puree used in the base.


Mix butter and biscuits (you may use a food processor for this). Press into a glass dish or a springform pan.Place in the freezer, meanwhile beat the icy cold water with the milk powder until thick and creamy. Add in the cream and beat really well. In a separate bowl mix lemon juice, squash (or puree) and gelatine, gently heat while whisking to dissolve gelatine or microwave for 1-2 mins (don’t let it boil). Quickly pour into the cream mixture while beating on high speed, the mixture will instantly thicken up. Pour over the prepared biscuit crust and place in the freezer again. {P.S. Don’t place in freezer for more than 15 minutes, refrigerate if longer than that}
Prepare jelly using quarter the water mentioned on the package and quarter quantity of fruit juice. You may use half the quantity water and skip juice. Let it cool slightly but don’t let it set and don’t pour boiling over the cream either. Also make sure the cream has set before pouring the jelly. Chill well and decorate with cream or fruits before serving.


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