Global Hand Washing Day

I put this up in my class on global hand washing day, and our school was also observing the whole week as Health and Hygiene Week. One of my students spoke on the topic "Concept of Health and Hygiene in Islam". She spoke about how Islam instructed us more than a thousand years ago to keep clean, brush teeth five times a day, take bath regularly, cut the nails and so on. Moreover Islam is the only religion which obligates its followers to maintain hygiene.

I also did a glitter activity with them to demonstrate the importance of washing hands. I told them about the importance of exercise and healthy eating, I gave them a note about a fruit and a vegetable everyday for the entire week and put up pictures of colorful fruits in the classroom with the title "Eat a Rainbow of Fruits". They were pretty enthusiastic to learn about the fruits and keep themselves clean and tidy. At the end of the week the neatest children of the class were awarded with a ‘Health and Hygiene Champion’ tag. I enjoyed the week and I’m sure my kids did too.


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