Joys of Winter!

It’s grown quite cold here, and I’m so busy with my students that I hardly have any time for blogging. I installed a WordPress app on my mobile phone, so I could blog more frequently but even that doesn’t help me in posting, it only adds to the notification beeps I get when I’m trying to sleep!

I had a very short winter break and that is being spent in designing the cover of my school magazine. This is the first time my design will be going for print and I’m excited ^_^

Boiled eggs (Hard-boiled eggs to be specific) with whole-grain toast and a cup of coffee is by favourite winter breakfast, and these days with so little time to make breakfast this is my go-to breakfast. Although I must admit that my time for breakfast is less because usually I don’t want to get out of my blanket into the cold! And when I do come out I don’t want to wash or wet an inch of my skin, and when I do get my face washed and my teeth brushed I pray and sit in front of the heater to heat up my hands and feet and don’t want to get into a fresh freezing cold dress. In the end I’m getting late and running to make my coffee and boil the eggs and searching for a pair of socks all at the same time. But when I’m done with everything I feel it wasn’t so difficult and I feel fresh and energized for the day. Yet the next day it’s hard to start all over again. And for this reason I’ve lost all my routine of morning exercise and Qur’an recitation. I’m a desert girl and I just can’t wait for the glorious warm summers to come back! But while it’s still winter, I’m trying to enjoy it….with coffee and hot chocolate!



And chocolate chip cookies with tea or coffee!



And boiled eggs and toast!



And peas and carrots (read that as gajar ka halwa or carrot cake :P )





And oranges and apples!


And oatmeal!


And pink tea! Oh wait…why don’t I have a picture of it till now?!? Maybe because it’s so yummy it gets finished each time I make it before I can get a chance to take a picture, or maybe because it smells and looks so good that I just can’t wait to drink it up and always forget to take a picture. But my next post has to be of pink tea, before the season for it runs out!

Alhamdulillah for the countless blessings which we can enjoy in all seasons!


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