My Classroom Door!

My co-teacher helped me to decorate the classroom and the door, she carved the Tweety shape out of a thermocol sheet and painted it, I made the flowers by pasting glazed paper on a layer of thin sponge and cutting them out, and cut out the alphabets of “Welcome” for each flower. To assemble everything on the door we first covered it with a transparent plastic sheet and then glued up everything using white glue (German glue), so that the paint on the door doesn’t get spoiled as white glue is quite strong.  Later on I handed a wooden board to Tweety with our Class and Section printed on it. I wanted to post this since long, but now a door competition is taking place in the school so I just had to post it!


And please, you just have to visit the link below and Like my door so I can win! =D


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