Madinah tun Nabi

I’m posting on my blog after so long…almost a month! I think I’m going to keep waiting forever to find time to blog again *sigh*. My life seems to be going as fast as a roller coaster, and everything is going past in a whirl. I really want to blog my precious memories but I’m always caught up in a hectic schedule! I’m craving oatmeal since days but can’t find the time to make it -_-

Last week I was super busy with a Seerat and Naat function being arranged at our school, and since I was also compèring the show, I had double work to do!

I chose Dawud Wharnsby’s nasheed “Madinah tun Nabi” for my class to perform on, and also two girls recited along. Of course it was much more work than just making one student practice a speech, but Alhamdulillah I am happy with my class’s performance. Even in the very little time, we managed to do a good performance with the help of my co-operative co-teachers Alhamdulillah, who also helped me with ideas when I got stuck.

For the performance I also needed some backstage decorations, and with the permission of the Vice Principal we decided to integrate the stage decorations with the performance requirements. Here is the backstage prepared with the help of some other teachers and our collective ideas, trying to depict the Madinah tun Nabi. The sand dunes, the full shining moon, the date palm trees, sparkly stars, and the green dome surrounded by those teensy lights which I doubt you can see, were made to depict the Madinah tul Munawwarah. I was really happy with how it came out Alhamdulillah, thanks to all the teachers who helped me.


The stage…students trying out the mic to adjust its volume while finishing touches being given to the backstage.

And here is a link to the performance done by the students, (MashAllah)



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