26th March: My First Result and Chocolate Cupcakes

Alhamdulillah the parents were so satisfied with the result of their children, and so was I! It’s so gratifying to see the good result of your hard work by the grace of Allah, and seeing the children promoted to the next class.

The weather was so fine, or maybe it was my inner happiness that was making the weather feel so good. The result arrangement was done in a free festival style with stall like tents and I felt really, really happy, more than words can describe! I truly felt like I was flying around with the wind. I hope and pray that I am able to work harder and bring about better results next year by the will of Allah Almighty, Aameen!

DSC_0243Tables were arranged in the tents for each classDSC_0246


Certificates given to students with best behaviour in my class. You can read more about the behaviour chart here.

A photo corner/booth was arranged for the children’s picture to be taken, and since I’m on the school art team I with the help of other teachers arranged it. I made some colorful 3-D stars and pasted them on a blue velvet background. It came out pretty good and colorful!

DSC_0247 DSC_0237 DSC_0239 DSC_0242 DSC_0235

Overall, it was a very happy and relaxing day. And we also got a holiday on the next day so I felt like celebrating the result and the holiday and the great weather…in short I just felt like enjoying which mostly ends in baking. I made 50 chocolate cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing! =D


DSC_0277An army of cupcakes!DSC_0280





Yeah my cream cheese icing always spills over. That’s because I don’t like it too sweet so I don’t add too much icing sugar and no matter how much I think I’ve made it stiff it still isn’t that stiff and when I start piping, it starts melting all over the place! And the more I tried to make rosettes, the more it spilled over. So in the end I gave up the rosettes, and I don’t mind it at all, because of course it still tastes great!

It was also my best friend’s birthday, so I sent her some with her name on them (virtually), and then ate them for her too!


I borrowed this cupcake maker from my cousin and I love this little thing! It’s so convenient and easy to use. Makes cupcakes quickly without any mess. I want to buy one of my own too now.




Pretty neat, isn’t it?DSC_0299 Can you refuse such a sweet little thing? Want a bite?



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