One year of blogging and 50+ Followers

Thank you to all my followers for reading and following my blog =)


When I started blogging, I used to wonder if I will reach the One year mark, or quit blogging before that, or just abandon the blog and get bored with it…but nothing as such happened. Here I am with my one year finished, and despite being extremely busy at times, I have still kept up with blogging and I really enjoy it. In fact, I want to write more, but usually I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend blogging. In more than 365 days I have only written less than a hundred posts (still around 80). I should really get about writing a bit more posts. One every Sunday, if not more.

The credit of being able to complete one year with as much posts I have done and not abandoning blogging in between goes to my followers and blogger friends who kept encouraging me with their feedback and likes, and also inquired from me when I got snowed under work and disappeared from the blogging sphere. I feel so happy to have this circle of blog-mates, and so special to be connected to people from different parts of the world whom I barely know otherwise, but we’re connected through one passion, one hobby. It’s a different kind of social circle, different kind of friendship, a different and special kind of connection, and I must say I am honoured to have you all with me =) I hope you enjoy my blog-company as much as I do.


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