About Me

Z. Saeed is a self-learned, freelance graphic designer. She is currently volunteering as graphic designer for Ar-Rajaa The Hope Counseling Services and The Ideal Muslimah. She is also doing her graduation in Comp. Sc. from Virtual University, Pakistan, and is part of the University’s official E-magazine VU-bytes designers team. She has lived in Qatar, and knows Arabic, Urdu and Hindi apart from English. She has always been a creative student throughout her schooling, actively participating in art and craft projects. She can be reached at Z. Saeed or zahra(dot)abrar (at) gmail (dot) com

My tagline is Design | Cook | Live | Enjoy and these are the topics I shall be writing about on my blog.

Design {sharing my graphic designs, dress designs, and other creative ideas}

Cook {recipes, baking tips, cake decorating}

Live {Healthy lifestyle, spirituality, nature, reflections}

Enjoy {Hobbies, fun stuff, random thoughts}

I try my best to help others if I can, so if you need help about anything, all you need to do is ask! If you need a promotional flyer for an upcoming event. a poster/banner for your local organization, or just a personalized graphic of any sort; or if you would like me to bake something customized for your event, or anything else don’t hesitate to ask =)



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