Instant Likeness…???

Have you ever met one of those charming people to whom you develop instant liking? Who, within minutes, seem to draw out all the love your heart is capable of for themselves? Qudsia Sajjad, instructor from Oxford University Press, Lahore, was one such person whom I met today. She was the kind of remarkably charismatic person whom you can’t help but like the instant you meet her!

From the moment she parted her lips to greet us, from her simple attire, her polite, gentle, yet clear and concise conversation, her healthy, perfectly trimmed physique, her easily flowing body movements, to her genuinely sincere and down-to-earth nature – everything inspired me very deeply. Not to mention she was an extremely astute professional, and conducted the entire workshop in a seasoned manner.

Her honest and open style of communication, in the gentlest and politest manner possible made a very lasting impression on all of our staff. I too, was deeply impressed by her openness. She spoke a lot on a variety of topics, but never wandered far from the topic either. Her blending of English and Urdu was apt, not appearing snobbish by conversing too much in English, and not showing lack of confidence or knowledge by using more than necessary Urdu.

Her attire too, was the most appropriate; simple, yet subtly stylish, Not going overboard, and not looking outdated either. The simple cotton dress fit her perfectly, without being too tight or loose. Her shoes, plain and comfortable. She wore no excessive jewellery or makeup.

I do not observe, the dresses and physique of people very often, but today I observed as she reminded me greatly of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.); because his personality was the most balanced of all humanity, and it struck me how everything was so balanced about her. She wasn’t very slim, but wasn’t fat either; she wasn’t impolite yet she wasn’t too sweet; trendy but not over the top; well-dressed but not unreasonable; honest yet not brutally straightforward; polite and courteous yet not hypocritical…and the list can go on and on. Yet I cannot explain in words what I feel about her.

I wish I had taken a picture of her with me, for I’m sure the passing years will fade the precious image of today’s memory from my mind some day. And for this reason I’m trying to preserve the memory of the gem of a person I met today for a few hours, who left a lasting impression on me. I hope, some day, I can be as inspiring a teacher as her, Insha’Allah!


My First Print Project!

It was my school’s magazine. It was the first time that I was doing a project going for print on such a great scale-50 pages and 1000 copies! Alhamdulillah my first print project was very successful! I got appreciation and good feedback from everyone. It took long sleepless nights and hours and hours of typing, inserting, cropping, placing, editing and composing; going through many pictures and articles, deciding what to put where, which font, what size, and so much more! And then adjusting the content in the given pages. The cover though looks the most complicated but was the easiest for me. And the hardest was contents page due to lack of time, but I managed it pretty ok in the end. But in the end it was so satisfying to hold a hard copy of my design =)


InshaAllah I will post the full magazine too soon.


26th March: My First Result and Chocolate Cupcakes

Alhamdulillah the parents were so satisfied with the result of their children, and so was I! It’s so gratifying to see the good result of your hard work by the grace of Allah, and seeing the children promoted to the next class.

The weather was so fine, or maybe it was my inner happiness that was making the weather feel so good. The result arrangement was done in a free festival style with stall like tents and I felt really, really happy, more than words can describe! I truly felt like I was flying around with the wind. I hope and pray that I am able to work harder and bring about better results next year by the will of Allah Almighty, Aameen!

DSC_0243Tables were arranged in the tents for each classDSC_0246


Certificates given to students with best behaviour in my class. You can read more about the behaviour chart here.

A photo corner/booth was arranged for the children’s picture to be taken, and since I’m on the school art team I with the help of other teachers arranged it. I made some colorful 3-D stars and pasted them on a blue velvet background. It came out pretty good and colorful!

DSC_0247 DSC_0237 DSC_0239 DSC_0242 DSC_0235

Overall, it was a very happy and relaxing day. And we also got a holiday on the next day so I felt like celebrating the result and the holiday and the great weather…in short I just felt like enjoying which mostly ends in baking. I made 50 chocolate cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing! =D


DSC_0277An army of cupcakes!DSC_0280





Yeah my cream cheese icing always spills over. That’s because I don’t like it too sweet so I don’t add too much icing sugar and no matter how much I think I’ve made it stiff it still isn’t that stiff and when I start piping, it starts melting all over the place! And the more I tried to make rosettes, the more it spilled over. So in the end I gave up the rosettes, and I don’t mind it at all, because of course it still tastes great!

It was also my best friend’s birthday, so I sent her some with her name on them (virtually), and then ate them for her too!


I borrowed this cupcake maker from my cousin and I love this little thing! It’s so convenient and easy to use. Makes cupcakes quickly without any mess. I want to buy one of my own too now.




Pretty neat, isn’t it?DSC_0299 Can you refuse such a sweet little thing? Want a bite?



Madinah tun Nabi

I’m posting on my blog after so long…almost a month! I think I’m going to keep waiting forever to find time to blog again *sigh*. My life seems to be going as fast as a roller coaster, and everything is going past in a whirl. I really want to blog my precious memories but I’m always caught up in a hectic schedule! I’m craving oatmeal since days but can’t find the time to make it -_-

Last week I was super busy with a Seerat and Naat function being arranged at our school, and since I was also compèring the show, I had double work to do!

I chose Dawud Wharnsby’s nasheed “Madinah tun Nabi” for my class to perform on, and also two girls recited along. Of course it was much more work than just making one student practice a speech, but Alhamdulillah I am happy with my class’s performance. Even in the very little time, we managed to do a good performance with the help of my co-operative co-teachers Alhamdulillah, who also helped me with ideas when I got stuck.

For the performance I also needed some backstage decorations, and with the permission of the Vice Principal we decided to integrate the stage decorations with the performance requirements. Here is the backstage prepared with the help of some other teachers and our collective ideas, trying to depict the Madinah tun Nabi. The sand dunes, the full shining moon, the date palm trees, sparkly stars, and the green dome surrounded by those teensy lights which I doubt you can see, were made to depict the Madinah tul Munawwarah. I was really happy with how it came out Alhamdulillah, thanks to all the teachers who helped me.


The stage…students trying out the mic to adjust its volume while finishing touches being given to the backstage.

And here is a link to the performance done by the students, (MashAllah)



My Classroom Door!

My co-teacher helped me to decorate the classroom and the door, she carved the Tweety shape out of a thermocol sheet and painted it, I made the flowers by pasting glazed paper on a layer of thin sponge and cutting them out, and cut out the alphabets of “Welcome” for each flower. To assemble everything on the door we first covered it with a transparent plastic sheet and then glued up everything using white glue (German glue), so that the paint on the door doesn’t get spoiled as white glue is quite strong.  Later on I handed a wooden board to Tweety with our Class and Section printed on it. I wanted to post this since long, but now a door competition is taking place in the school so I just had to post it!


And please, you just have to visit the link below and Like my door so I can win! =D



Global Hand Washing Day

I put this up in my class on global hand washing day, and our school was also observing the whole week as Health and Hygiene Week. One of my students spoke on the topic "Concept of Health and Hygiene in Islam". She spoke about how Islam instructed us more than a thousand years ago to keep clean, brush teeth five times a day, take bath regularly, cut the nails and so on. Moreover Islam is the only religion which obligates its followers to maintain hygiene.

I also did a glitter activity with them to demonstrate the importance of washing hands. I told them about the importance of exercise and healthy eating, I gave them a note about a fruit and a vegetable everyday for the entire week and put up pictures of colorful fruits in the classroom with the title "Eat a Rainbow of Fruits". They were pretty enthusiastic to learn about the fruits and keep themselves clean and tidy. At the end of the week the neatest children of the class were awarded with a ‘Health and Hygiene Champion’ tag. I enjoyed the week and I’m sure my kids did too.