Cardamom Smoothie/Lassi

Lassi is a traditional Pakistani drink made of yogurt, which translates into the English version Smoothie. It’s made in both sweet and salty versions. I prefer sweet lassi and I had often heard/read about adding cardamom to it. And honestly,¬†I always thought the combination of cardamom with yogurt in lassi was strange. Today I just felt experimental and decided to try it. It was SO¬†extremely refreshing! The burst of fresh flavor with sweet, smooth and silky blended yogurt! I am thinking here why didn’t I ever try it before! It seems that I’ve been missing on such a great treat in my entire life till now. It was just SO good that I couldn’t stop drinking it. You can’t get to the bottom of this flavor without trying it. I mean don’t repeat my mistake, you just have to try it. It’s like the best summer drink ever!


yogurt one cup
milk one cup (the milk-yogurt ratio depends on how thick you want the lassi to be and how thick your yogurt is)
sugar 4 tbsp (or to taste)
cardamom 1 pod
salt 1/4 tsp
ice as required (I used about 1/2 cup)


The easiest method ever. Remove cardamom seeds from the pod and with everything else throw into a blender and blend till smooth and creamy. It makes one whole tumbler serving of 2 cups, but you can cut all the ingredients in half easily and make a smaller serving. You may use cardamom powder if you have on hand however, the powder won’t give the same flavor as fresh pods. If you may want to take the extra step and grind fresh powder then by all means go ahead. If you have a powerful blender it will crush the seeds altogether anyway, even if it doesn’t, they didn’t really bother me as they settled down at the bottom. Once again I would say, you must try this cool drink and it will addict you to itself-just like it did me!