Instant Likeness…???

Have you ever met one of those charming people to whom you develop instant liking? Who, within minutes, seem to draw out all the love your heart is capable of for themselves? Qudsia Sajjad, instructor from Oxford University Press, Lahore, was one such person whom I met today. She was the kind of remarkably charismatic person whom you can’t help but like the instant you meet her!

From the moment she parted her lips to greet us, from her simple attire, her polite, gentle, yet clear and concise conversation, her healthy, perfectly trimmed physique, her easily flowing body movements, to her genuinely sincere and down-to-earth nature – everything inspired me very deeply. Not to mention she was an extremely astute professional, and conducted the entire workshop in a seasoned manner.

Her honest and open style of communication, in the gentlest and politest manner possible made a very lasting impression on all of our staff. I too, was deeply impressed by her openness. She spoke a lot on a variety of topics, but never wandered far from the topic either. Her blending of English and Urdu was apt, not appearing snobbish by conversing too much in English, and not showing lack of confidence or knowledge by using more than necessary Urdu.

Her attire too, was the most appropriate; simple, yet subtly stylish, Not going overboard, and not looking outdated either. The simple cotton dress fit her perfectly, without being too tight or loose. Her shoes, plain and comfortable. She wore no excessive jewellery or makeup.

I do not observe, the dresses and physique of people very often, but today I observed as she reminded me greatly of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.); because his personality was the most balanced of all humanity, and it struck me how everything was so balanced about her. She wasn’t very slim, but wasn’t fat either; she wasn’t impolite yet she wasn’t too sweet; trendy but not over the top; well-dressed but not unreasonable; honest yet not brutally straightforward; polite and courteous yet not hypocritical…and the list can go on and on. Yet I cannot explain in words what I feel about her.

I wish I had taken a picture of her with me, for I’m sure the passing years will fade the precious image of today’s memory from my mind some day. And for this reason I’m trying to preserve the memory of the gem of a person I met today for a few hours, who left a lasting impression on me. I hope, some day, I can be as inspiring a teacher as her, Insha’Allah!


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