Home-made Almond milk

After a lot of hesitation, I finally decided to try making some almond milk. I blended one cup soaked almonds with skin on, in about 4 cups of water with a little vanilla.

DSC_0140I drank it raw, and made some tea with it for my mother who can’t drink dairy milk.

I can’t say that I became an instant fan of it. I just love milk and to be honest it didn’t come close to real milk, but maybe in a few more times I’ll start loving it. The flavors and texture weren’t blended, it seems as if I was drinking water, almond milk and vanilla milk at the same time and they weren’t mixing up. However the after-taste was really good. It tasted a bit like…Kulfi milk! I guess I need to try it a few more times, maybe try some other flavors.




3 thoughts on “Home-made Almond milk

    • Ayesha I’ve mentioned that in the first few lines…soak one cup almonds overnight, then blend them with 3-4 cups water until very fine. Strain using a cheesecloth or a similar fine cloth and squeeze gently to get all the milk out. There you have it! :) you can use the leftover almond soilds to make almond meal or something else.

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