Sparkling Fruit Cups

I can’t believe I missed posting this super-easy super-delicious and super-quick recipe!

Just cut up some fresh fruits very finely, I did 2 bananas, 2 mangoes, one apple and approx 1/4 cup grapes. Then use any jelly flavor and prepare it as usual, just use a little less water. Let it cool a bit, but don’t let it set. Line a cupcake tray with plastic wrap (so that they come out easily) then fill them with the mixed fruits to the top. Using a spoon pour the jelly over the fruits until the cups are filled and fruits are covered, make sure the fruits are flattened otherwise your cups will be wobbly. Then just chill until set, and take them out when serving. These can also be made in ramekins or small glass bowls as individual servings.

I used the Tropical Sunset (Orange Pineapple) flavored jelly and the flavors blended really well. It was very refreshing and light. Next time I would like to try this with fresh fruit juice and gelatin instead of a packaged jelly which would make it 100% healthy dessert!

DSC_0018 DSC_0069 DSC_0071


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